A singles group sitting around talking about how to find the right relationship.

Hoping vs Taking Action to Find the Right Relationship for You

07 September 2023

When desiring the right relationship, do you hope that you’ll bump into your true love at Starbucks and think you’ll be a couple forever after? 

That happens in Hollywood movies and not usually in real life. 

Is hope your strategy for finding true love? 

Tell me it isn’t so!

When I was looking for my husband at the age of 40, I could no longer depend on luck. I sought the help of a coach.

What attracted me to my coach’s group program was his practical, proactive approach to finding love. 

This is what my clients come to me for when they’re looking for the right relationship and tired of spinning their wheels. 

Or perhaps you’ve been out of the dating arena for a long time and need to know what it takes to find love in 2023?

However, before you start putting your energies into online dating or going to singles events, there are a couple of steps you need to take to find the right relationship for you:

  1. Get clear on your life goals.

    Do you know where you’re going and what direction you’re going in? Do you know what you want? Do you want to live in the city or the suburbs? Do you intend to retire in a year or continue working? Do you want to have children or rather be just the two of you? Do you want to travel the world or enjoy your cozy home?
    When you’re clear on questions like these it becomes a lot easier to know who you’re looking for too.
  1. Have a deep understanding of your key relationship values.

    This will guide you and make you feel that you’re heading toward the right relationship. Think of your key relationship values as your guidance tool. Your values need to be honored by your life partner in order for it to be the right relationship. For instance, if having personal time is important to you to recharge your energy, then you need to have a partner who will respect that.
  2. Have a good sense of your must-haves (aka reasons you’d walk away from a relationship).

    In addition to knowing what you really want in and from a partner, having good boundaries about what you are and aren’t willing to do is important to determine if you’re in the right relationship.

    Knowing this will make dating so much easier for you. It will also help you avoid heartache.
  3. Steep yourself in what’s great about you!

    Knowing who you are and what you have to offer to the right relationship will help you attract that special person who will appreciate you for you! This will also help you counter any negative “gremlins” that pop up in your head for you during your search for the right relationship.   
  4. Understand what didn’t work in past relationships.

    Looking back, ask yourself questions like:

    What did you like best about those past relationships and what didn’t work for you? 

    Why didn’t those relationships last?

    As you answer these questions and others like them, you’ll uncover important tidbits of information that will serve you as you meet people for dating.

    Some of the things my clients discover are timing issues and things they can’t tolerate. Whatever you discover, you’ll know which paths to avoid in the relationship you’re currently seeking!

Now you’re ready to put yourself out there! Or are you? 

How do you know where to go to meet other singles and find the right relationship?

Do you just go anywhere hoping you’ll meet Mr. or Ms. Right? 

How can you increase your odds of finding the right relationship?

It turns out that you need more than just to understand the 5 steps above before you head out to start your search. You’re just armed with the right information about what the right relationship should look and feel like. Now you’re ready to set a path for finding it. 

  1. Go online to one of the top dating sites that have the kind of people you desire to meet.
  2. Ask the right people to introduce you once directed with the right information. 
  3. Go to groups and activities where you’ll meet the right kind of people. 
  4. Seek the help of a dating service once you can share the right information. (And if they actually pay attention to what you requested!)

However, you do need to take your personality into account. If you’re shy and uncomfortable around strangers, then you may not feel at ease at a fundraising event with hundreds of people. And if you’re outgoing and social, then other strategies are going to work better for finding and recognizing the right relationship. 

So, you see you need a plan for dating and meeting the right person. You can’t just go on hope and a prayer! Taking strategic action will stack the odds in your favor.

My clients often meet the right person within 6 months or less. And when they do meet that person, they know that it’s the right relationship within 3 to 6 dates because of the inner work they’ve already done.

If you want to take strategic action on behalf of finding your true love, then let’s talk soon! I’ve opened up enrollment for the Meet Your Mate This Year coaching group

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