Happy mature couple cuddling on the couch with coffee because they improved their chances of finding love after 60.

Dramatically Improve Your Chances Of Finding Love After 60!

18 April 2024

What do you think of your chances of finding love after 60? Nil? 25% 50%?

It may seem difficult, even scary, to find love again later in life. But I’m happy to share that many of my clients have found new love after 60- even into their 70s and beyond! So how do you increase your chances of finding love after 60? Well, it takes a little planning and some strategy. In fact, with this step-by-step guide, you can increase your chances of finding love after 60 significantly!

First, you need to know what you want your life to be like.

Where do you want to live? How do you want to spend your time? How much “we” time do you want versus “me” time? Do you want a companion, or do you desire to get married?

At a certain age, we can be set in our ways. Usually, one person is a little more flexible in the relationship than the other person! Are you willing to move for the right person?

One of my 60-plus female clients knew that she wanted to keep active with skiing in the winter and hiking in the spring, summer, and fall. She made a goal of hiking in the Alps one summer and had to train for this big trip. Her 76-year-old boyfriend hiked with her as did her girlfriends. And they skied together in the winter months. The vision of their lives meshes nicely.

Second, you have to be really clear about your life goals and core relationship values.

At this age, you are not going to tolerate someone who doesn’t honor those values. One of my boomer clients had a strong Christian faith and belief in God. It was important to him that his partner shared this value. He was very close to his church community too. The woman he eventually married shared his beliefs and desire to be part of a religious community.

Third, you must be willing to try new ways to meet the right person.

Most of my 60-plus clients met their partners online. At a certain time in life, not every single is looking for a love interest. So, if you go to social events, you won’t know their reasons for being there. Online you can, and should, share your goal of dating which will better your chances of finding love after 60.

One of my 60-plus clients went out on a limb and asked her friends and family to introduce her to someone available and looking. She had done it before unsuccessfully and was reluctant to try again. However, through coaching, I helped her form a 30-second infomercial to share with friends and family about what she was looking for. Encouraged to try again, she shared this information with family and they were able to introduce her to better matches. Because of this, she did meet her life partner through a family member!

Fourth, you need to have attractive photos for online dating.

Online, first impressions are based on images, not information! So, take the time to get professional photos and look your best. One of my more down-to-earth female boomer clients went out of her comfort zone, bought a new red dress, and had her hair and makeup done professionally for her photoshoot. The men responded really well to the red dress! Attractive photos do make a difference and entice someone to want to meet you.

And men, this is for you too! Consider wearing a nice jacket or going business casual for your photos. If you’re unsure what clothing flatters you, ask female friends or family members for help.

And fifth, don’t give up too easily!

There are plenty of seriously searching singles in their 60s and beyond. But timing is everything, so don’t throw in the towel, if you don’t find a match right away. Trying different ways to meet people and having a strategic plan based on your personality is what I find works best.

And finding love at any age takes an adventurous spirit. If you haven’t had one for a while, now’s the time to find it again. If you go into dating with an attitude of fun and openness, you’ll enjoy the search better!

So now what do you think of your chances of finding love after 60?

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