Miracles happen every minute of every day. And they happen in abundance for those who believe in and look for them. You may not recognize them except in retrospect. But what matters is that you embrace them for the amazing gift they are and keep your heart open to their perfect timing. And that applies to love and the belief that love is just around the corner for those who are truly seeking it.

Can you see yourself in a loving relationship in this new year? Do you believe it’s possible?

Woman before and after she discovered the love that was just around the corner.

That’s the first step to making love a reality — seeing it as possible.

Maintaining a positive attitude and having the belief that love can happen for you will serve you as you persevere toward your relationship goals. That means taking every step, no matter how many, with the mantra, “Love is just around the corner for me. It is already on its way.”

Do you feel you deserve a loving partner in your life?

I hope so, because believing you deserve to be loved is another essential step to making love a reality. If you don’t believe you deserve it, you will subconsciously sabotage your own dream by pushing love away.

No matter how difficult finding true love is, it’s important to stay confident that it will happen for you.

If you struggle to believe this is possible, then ask yourself, “What gremlins or fears are holding me back?” (Be honest with yourself.)

I’ve seen this insecurity play out for many of my clients. They try to stay optimistic, and yet they use the excuse that they’re being “realistic.”

However, once they begin to focus on who they are and what they have to offer to a loving relationship, their confidence steadily rises. They start believing that love is in the stars for them, that love is just around the corner.

After all, love can be “realistic,” too.

They see themselves not just falling in love, but falling in love with someone terrific.

And guess what?

Many times that’s exactly what happens!

And I love being a witness when it does.

This whole process comes down to a very simple truth: The energy you put out is the energy you will attract. 

We’re all attracted to positive energy. Put out the positive vibes, and the person you want to attract will naturally be drawn to you.

I’m not talking about being phony with your energy. I’m talking about genuinely transforming any negative energy into positive, confident energy that comes from personal awareness and preparation.

When you approach love from this vantage point, all things become possible. You can find love whether you’re 35 or 75, marriage-minded or just committed-relationship-minded. The results are all a function of the genuine energy that emanates from you.

As this new year takes off, my message to you is to never give up hope. Miracles happen all the time.

You just have to keep your eyes – and heart – open to them.

Love is in the stars for you. Let’s join forces to move the universe in your direction.

This is the time for new beginnings.

It’s also the time for believing in miracles…and participating in their manifestation.

I invite you to visit https://motivatedtomarry.com/connect-with-coach-amy/ and find a time for us to talk.

Let’s move love in your direction today!

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