Dating advice for finding quality people to date

My dating advice to you is to ask yourself this question, “Where have I been going to meet people and has it been the right place to meet quality people to date?”  It’s a good time to evaluate where you are going to meet people for dating.  Are you being intentional or haphazard?

Haphazard dating is just going to a particular venue because your friends are going or showing up to a random bar.  (It’s different if a whole group of friends are going to the bar- where people know each other).  You have no idea who you will be meeting.

My advice to you is to be intentional in your dating by taking your values, interests and life goals and going places to meet people who share those with you.

Let’s say you have a strong value around giving back to your community.  Then joining groups that do community service – especially those who attract singles would be a good place for you to go.  In DC we have single volunteers.  Many churches and synagogues have volunteer groups, as well.

Let’s say you are a vegetarian and you have strong feelings about animals and animal rights.  Then, you would seek out groups where you would meet others who share this value.  One of my clients met someone doing just that.  She had to show up to the group several times and get to know people.  It wasn’t the first time she showed up that she connected with her boyfriend, but after another event they had a chance to talk further and he then had the chance to ask her out.

Are you willing to evaluate what you have been doing to meet people and see how that is working for you?  My dating advice is if you haven’t met the right kind of people for dating, ask yourself, “What needs to change this year?”

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