Are you Training for Winning at Love?

The Olympics is going on this week and its great fun to see such accomplished, dedicated men and women who have sacrificed much in their life to prepare for this moment to compete and possibly win a medal for being at the top of their game.

In the same light, what have you done to prepare yourself to win at love?

To be good or great at anything, it takes years of study and dedication.  If we truly desire to win, we learn from our past mistakes, and look to improve.  That was what I did after my failed first marriage.  I didn’t wallow too long in my misfortune.  I realized that I was missing key skills to succeed in love.

So I studied by going by reading books, taking seminars and even working with a coach. (All Olympic athletes have coaches!).  You need someone to push you beyond your comfort zone, offer advice from their years of experience and just to be there to support you during the ups and downs of your efforts.

After working with a coach, I refined my approach and how I was looking for someone.  I realized I was cutting out great potential partners.  I also realized I was hanging on to the wrong people way too long.  With the help of my coach I was able to leave a marginal relationship so I would be open to meeting my husband.

Within 2 years I had met Alan, and we were married.  I don’t think I could have done it without my coach.  And when I met Alan, I was ready to take on the relationship and had better communication skills to jump those relationship hurdles you face in a new relationship.

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Here you will learn some great relationship tips and concepts to help you win at love.

You can win at love if you have dedication and focus to do so.   Now it’s up to you to take on this challenge!

What do you think it takes to win at love?  What have you learned from your past relationship failures?   This curious coach would like to know!



Coach Amy


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