Are you Ready to Get Serious and Back into the Swing of dating again this September?

Couple Swinging ImageHow productive has your dating efforts been this summer with your goal of finding Mr. or Ms. Right? If you are anything like me, not much happened! I just came back from a week at the beach with my family. As a business owner, I drag work with me with every intention to get a jump on things for the fall.

Then the very strong “you can’t make me” resistant voice wins over me! Besides, it’s my vacation too. Don’t I deserve to just enjoy my week away from my routine? Sure. And I promised to be there for my family – not to be buried in paperwork as usual!

For me, taking a week away and traveling is a lot of work. The initial packing, planning and making sure we have what we need to have a fun week in the sun [My role in the family is the packer :)]. So when I plan a week’s trip, it takes more than 3 weeks out of my normal routine. How about you? Did you go away this summer? Did you feel the “mañana” pull from what you know you should do?

Timing for dating is very important. You see, all of August I have been working with my clients and suggesting they get ready for the busy online dating AFTER Labor Day weekend. We have been improving their profiles, suggesting they try a new site and post new pictures. We have been refining their list of where they can be put their energies to meet people face to face, as well. This way they are ready to jump in and meet those who are also making the effort to meet someone AFTER the Labor Day weekend.

Nancy, who got married this summer, is a great example of how critical timing for dating truly is. I encourage her after a break up in November 2014 to get back online after New Years. And because she did, she was able to meet her husband who had just got online for the first time on New Years Day. He was MOTIVATED! And ladies, he’s a great catch!

Perhaps you didn’t meet anyone of substance this summer, or you broke up with someone recently who you felt was not the one. The theme for September is back to school and back to business. The same goes for your dating efforts.

My son is now back in school and I am BUSY preparing for my live DC workshops and online webinars I have committed to this month. The summer is over and we only have the next 4 months to help you find that person BEFORE the end of the year holidays and then NEW YEARS COMES AROUND AGAIN! I am truly committed to be there for my clients and my community of Motivated to Marry people who want to take advantage of this great timing for dating.

If you are truly MOTIVATED to find your mate, then let’s talk! First fill out my (Yes, the entire form will help me help you.) to determine in a Meet Your Mate Strategy Session how to help you get on that path to finding true love that will work for you this important time for dating!

So I recommend you take advantage of the timing for dating that is so critical in Motivated to Marry dating.

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

PS. If finding true love is truly a top priority for you, then I recommend you sign up for a Meet Your Mate Strategy session at where I will show you how I can streamline your dating process and make it fun too! Sign up ASAP since I have limited spots available for strategy sessions this month.

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