Couple in true love holding hands and looking at each other.

7 Ways to Know You’ve Found Your Own True Love

05 October 2023

Fall is here and it’s a time we see happy couples who have obviously found their own true love all around us. They’re going apple and pumpkin picking, enjoying a hike in the fall foliage, going to Oktoberfest celebrations together tasting beer from local breweries and even taking a hayride together and ending the evening with hot apple cider!

Are you desiring to have your own true love now?

If you’re like many of my clients, you’re putting time and effort into finding your own true love whether it’s through a dating app, going to in-person events, or being introduced through a mutual friend or relative. 

And when you’re dating, how do you know you’ve found your own true love? Especially since you thought you were there before, only to be disappointed by someone who came on strong and then fizzled out!

Let me share 7 ways you know you’ve found that someone special!

  1. Chemistry

    Of course, there needs to be chemistry. That spark where you’re excited to talk to this person and look forward to seeing them. This has to be there or there’s just no deep desire to grow the relationship. Yet, you know, chemistry alone won’t make a lasting relationship.
  2. Similar Goals

    When you have a shared vision for your life, then you may feel that you’ve found your own true love. This means that you’re going in the same direction and want the same things out of life. Do you both want a family and kids? Do you both see yourselves retiring in the next couple of years? And so, where would you be living? If one person wants to go one way and the other a completely opposite way, the relationship won’t sustain for the long term. 
  3. Aligned Values

    When people share your values, you feel a connection. You feel safe and understood. So for you to have found your own true love, your critical relationship values need to be aligned. We can’t sustain a relationship with someone who steps on our values time and time again. An example of this is if you value being generous with those you love and those in need and your partner resents this generosity you show to others.                                                     
  4. No Red Flags!

    When you’ve met your own true love, you’ll see that it’s smooth sailing. This person will measure up and you won’t see any glaring red flags. And you’re the only person who can determine what red flags are to you. If you can’t tolerate a messy person, then the person you will fall in love with needs to be neat and organized.

    When you see red flags, pay attention — don’t discount them. People show their best selves in the beginning and the red flags won’t change! What you see is what you get.
  5. Reliable and Dependable

    The right person will be there when they say they will. You can count on them. If your car broke down, they would come and get you (if they lived in the same town!). If they say they’ll call, you can count on them to call you at the designated time. They won’t leave you wondering or worrying or keep you hanging.
  6. You Enjoy Their Company

    The bottom line is you have to want to spend time with this person or what’s the point? That’s the sign you’ve found your own true love. You like many of the same activities, you share the same likes for cuisine, you can see yourself traveling with this person, and you laugh at each other’s jokes, or at least appreciate each other’s humor.
  7. Introducing Your Partner to Family and Friends

    When you’re ready to introduce someone to your friends and then your family members, then you know you’ve found your true love partner. That’s showing the world you’re a couple and you’re proud of your partner. When you feel like you’ve found your true love, you desire to share it with those you’re close to. 

I wish you the best in finding your own true love. It takes some effort and know-how to connect with that special person. And having the right support is very important when you’re putting your energies into finding a life partner. 

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I’m here for you!
Coach Amy

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