Spring, like all the seasons, comes around every year. And yet, there’s something about the freshness it heralds in that always makes it feel like a brand-new experience. Budding trees, chirping birds, the ditching of heavy winter clothes…and, for singles emerging after the COVID pandemic, dating again.

Most adults have been vaccinated, and mask and social distancing requirements have been relaxed in most places. It’s now easier and more enjoyable to reconnect with friends and meet new people.

Couple riding bikes together on a pathway in a park.

My 30- to 70-year-old clients have been telling me the same thing. They’re all excited about connecting in person again.

How about you? Are you feeling the pull to get out there and start dating again?

If so, I have 7 suggestions to help you jumpstart or refresh your dating efforts this spring.

  1. Reboot your image.

    Hey, we all did it during the COVID lockdown. We embraced the opportunity to be “casual and comfy.” Yoga pants, PJ’s, ponytails, morning shadow…and maybe a nice shirt with sweatpants for Zoom meetings.

    Many of us got complacent about our image and grooming. And wow, can that become a tough-to-break habit!

    If you’re going to be dating again, it’s time to consider a spring image refresher. Update your hairstyle and start wearing attractive clothes again.

    The point is to do what makes you feel great and shows you’ve put some effort into looking your best.

  2. Shore up your self-esteem.

    Focus on what you have to offer to a relationship instead of what you believe you lack.

    Don’t let the “who would want me?” gremlin keep you from venturing out.

    If you’re dating again after a long time alone, you may need to do some inventory work on yourself. What are your strengths? What are you enthusiastically working on?

    You want to present your most confident, positive self when dating, even if you’re just now “getting back out there.”

  3. Carve out time in your calendar for dating-related activities.

    If you have your heart set on finding true love, you can’t leave the process to chance. You need to prioritize and schedule dating-related activities the same way you do every other important part of your life.

    Set aside time every day to look online for appropriate matches, respond to messages, and find groups that interest you.

    Make sure you don’t over-schedule yourself. It’s important to leave time to talk by phone or video chat and to meet people in person.

  4. Join new social or Meetup groups.

    Find activities and events that interest you and that cater to singles in your age group. This includes activities that cater to singles who may be dating again after a divorce, breakup, or long hiatus from dating.

    Look to expand your social network. Remember, you meet people through friends, as well!

  5. Try a new online dating site or update your existing profile on the sites you’re already on.

    Today over 50% of couples meet through online dating. It’s convenient and can be time-efficient.

    The online platform is a way to expand your social network reach. However, the goal is to get beyond the messaging and meet in person.

  6. Ask friends and family to introduce you to seriously searching singles.

    These are people who love you and wonder why you’re still single. Give them some key qualities you’re looking for in a marriage-minded partner, and let them get to work on your behalf.

    Everyone knows someone who is looking!

  7. Hire a coach to keep you on track.

    Life will fill your calendar for you if you don’t have a strategy for filling it on your own terms.

    Things that matter should never be left to chance. You will accomplish only that which holds your focus.

    A coach can help you carve out the time to focus on your dating endeavor and also give you objective feedback, support, and accountability.

Now is a great time to spring forward in your search for a life partner. With a sense of adventure and renewed motivation, dating can (and should) be fun!

Often my coaching methodology helps my clients find that special person within 6 months or less! It’s focused, time-conscious, and effective.

If you need help with dating again, let’s talk.

Go to https://motivatedtomarry.com/connect-with-coach-amy/ to access my online scheduler today so I can help you get back out there dating again to meet that special person for a committed partnership.

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