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7 Signs of True Love from a Woman Most Guys Like

18 August 2023

As a dating and relationship coach, I have both men and women clients. And I get to hear what my clients want from a love prospect from both the man’s and woman’s perspectives. In this article, I’m going to address what my female clients want to know as the signs of true love from a woman that most guys like. 

When it comes to signs of true love from a woman, it can be confusing from both sides and signals can be easily misconstrued. Not that you need to change yourself to be who your partner wants you to be. This is more from a good-to-know point of view. And sometimes, we just don’t know!

Here are what I’ve observed in my 20 years as a dating and relationship coach to be the 7 signs of true love from a woman that men like:

1.     Being Responsive  

If a guy makes an effort, he wants to have his efforts reciprocated. You may think it’s best to keep them guessing, but most guys are straight shooters. You don’t want to be kept hanging, and neither does he.

So, respond to his texts and phone messages in a timely fashion. Being responsive is a sign that you’re interested in him and want his attention. Most men appreciate forgoing game-playing when it comes to true love

2.     Being Direct and Honest

You don’t want someone to bend the truth or lie to you, he doesn’t either. So, it’s best to be open and honest about your goals and feelings.

The right man will appreciate that and also be honest and direct with you. If he sees you hedge or be elusive and not answer his questions directly, he’ll naturally question your true intentions. He may then feel you’re not the right woman for him and look for someone who can share her feelings openly and honestly.

3.     Being Respectful

The basis of every relationship is respect. When you respect his thoughts and opinions, a man will blossom. When you put him down and criticize him, he’ll walk away. Just as you expect respect and understanding from a man, he will respond positively to your respect for him.

This is one of the key signs of true love from a woman that men need to be happy in a relationship.

4.     Expressing Appreciation

As with respect, when you sincerely share your appreciation, a man will feel good about himself. We all want to feel appreciated. And yet it’s so easy to assume that he “just knows” you appreciate him.

Express your appreciation when he goes out of his way to pick you up, pays for dinner, and does anything you think is “a little thing”. Because it’s not a “little thing”, it’s a big thing. And if he’s true blue, then he’s probably not showing anyone else (besides his mom and kids) the attention he’s giving you. So, this is a critical sign of true love from a woman that men love.

5.     Giving your time

When a man wants a relationship, he also wants your time. Maybe not a lot of it, however, availability is important here.

Making time for a man will show him you truly value him and want to be with him. So don’t seem so busy that you have to fit him in. He wants to know that he’s a priority in your life – just like you want to be a priority in his. So, giving him your time is another sign of true love from a woman that men like.

6.     Sharing your preferences

This dovetails with being direct and honest. A man wants to know your likes and preferences. Don’t make him guess.

Tell him what restaurants you prefer or activities you enjoy. Tell him that you like classic movies over adventure films. Share with him where you want to live and where you’d like to travel.

When you do this, he can find a way to make you happy. Saying, “Whatever,” shows indifference and will make him doubt your desirability for him as a partner.

Share your likes and dislikes with your partner – that will give him what he needs to please you.

7.     Contributing to the relationship

Early in a relationship, it’s okay to let the guy show interest and make most of the effort. However, a man who’s looking for a partner will grow weary of this dynamic.

It’s important for you to contribute to the relationship, even if there is an income disparity. By doing something for the man, be it paying for the popcorn at the movie or making a romantic dinner for two at home, you’re showing that you’re contributing to the relationship.

This is one of the best signs of true love from a woman that men truly appreciate. It’s hard for them to always be the ones to make the plans and pay for everything, especially if your incomes are similar.

Here you have it – the 7 signs of true love from a woman that guys like.

Gentlemen, did I get it right?

Ladies, do you agree?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Join the discussion in the comments below. And if you want to get love right this time (once and for all), then let’s talk!

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