Woman holding a laptop wondering how to find love online.

7 Pitfalls to Avoid When You Want to Find Love Online

04 May 2023

If you’re desiring to meet your true love, you’re more likely to be looking to find love online.

Many of my clients have met their true love partners online, however, I’d like to share the pitfalls to avoid when you want to find love online. 

Woman holding a laptop wondering how to find love online.

The first is believing everything you read! 

Dating profiles are kind of like resumes. Some people like to puff themselves up and may over-exaggerate certain things. So, take what you read with a grain of salt and check it out as you’re learning about this new person. Keep in mind that the photos may be out of date too! So, you may want to ask how recent the photos are.

The second pitfall to watch out for is scammers. 

Most scammers don’t have much information in their profile and their pictures are vague. They profess their love for you right away and try to get you sucked into their fantasy of being “the one”! Then they ask you for money. They don’t meet you and always have an excuse not to meet. I can give you the signs to be on the watch for so you don’t fall for a scammer in my Successful Internet Dating Program (www.successfulinternetdatingprogram.com).

Third is falling too quickly with not knowing the person that well. 

Online dating takes pacing. You want to take your time to get to know someone. Try to see if you know anyone in common that can vouch for this person. Go through the step-by-step dating hurdles. (I provide this in my Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets coaching program at www.motivatedtomarrydatingsecrets.com.)

This also leads to the fourth pitfall to avoid when you want to find love online.

Watch out for someone who is lying about something big about their life or an omission that affects your desire to continue dating them. 

For instance, a man one of my clients was dating failed to tell my client his in-laws were still living in the marital house and taking care of his son. He didn’t mention it when he was sweeping my client off her feet! It finally came out that he hadn’t separated from his ex’s family yet. Ant this was a deal breaker for my client. 

The fifth pitfall is being too judgmental and not giving a nice person a chance. 

You can inadvertently fall into this pitfall when you make decisions about someone only by looking at their photos. It’s common for people not to put their best pictures up or they don’t spend the money to have professional photos taken. That can make a difference. 

I had one male client who almost passed on his wife. When I looked at her photos, I told him, “I think she’ll be prettier in person.” And she was! They’re now married. To think that he almost passed on her because of her poor photos!

The sixth pitfall is getting into an endless loop of messaging with a person you’re interested in.

When this happens you become pen pals, not a real in-person love interest. The goal of dating online is to meet someone in person – unless you live a distance away. And even then, I recommend you see one another via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. You have to decide how long you’ll go back and forth before seeing some serious intent to meet in person. 

The last pitfall (and definitely not the least) is the dating mistake I see all the time.  

People go from messaging to meeting in person. This will cause disappointment more times than not. I recommend you talk on the phone or even better have a video chat date before meeting in person. That way, you can see the person and get a sense of them. Then you can determine if it’s worth your time to meet in person.  

On your video chat, you’ll want to evaluate things like:

  • Does the conversation flow?
  • Are you somewhat attracted to them (or their personality)?
  • Do you hear or see any deal breakers?

Even more important, from a safety perspective, a woman has a chance to vet the man before meeting him in person. 

So even though there are these pitfalls to avoid when you want to find love online, if you watch out for them, you’ll have a better online dating experience that can lead you to find love online as so many of my clients have!  

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