5 Ways to Revamp your Online Dating Strategy in the New Year

Now is the best time of the year to get back online or revamp your online dating strategy. Statistics suggest that the time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is when online activity increases dramatically. People are looking for love in the chilly winter months (especially in the upper half of the US) when they are stuck inside between these two holidays. That is why I have been recommending to my clients they get back online or consider revising their current online dating strategy ASAP!

Here are 5 ways you can update your online dating strategy and profile to yield you better results this year:

1. Is the current site working for you? Are you getting new matches sent to you or has the well dried up? And have the matches sent to you been responsive to your advances? If not, you may want to consider another site the may be better suited for you. Consider a niche site that has more people like you. Ask a friend who has similar interests, life goals and in the same age range if they are having success meeting quality people. You can go for the numbers with the top high traffic sites or try a smaller niche site with a single focus such as religion, a philosophy or age group.
2. Ask yourself “Does my profile reflect who I am at this current time?” Are there any new updates about you that you would want someone to know? Has your life situation changed such as your child has gone off to college and is no longer living at home? Have you traveled anywhere interesting last year? Did you participate in any new activities or do volunteer work over the holidays? And does your profile express your current life goals?
3. Does your photo need updating? Has it been over 5 years since you took the photo you have been posting? Does it look like you? Will someone be upset if they meet you and you don’t look like your picture?
4. Would you consider widening your search criteria? Would you now consider dating in another city? Would you increase your age range to go a little higher? And would you consider dating someone outside your religion or another qualifier you have been using to eliminate potential good life partners such as someone who is divorced?
5. Would you consider utilizing more high tech opportunities to meet people? Would you add video to your profile or go to a video oriented dating site? Would you try a dating app related to a social media site? How about using GPS or location based dating sites to try something a little different and reach different people who live nearby?

The bottom line is that you want to make sure that your profile reflects who you are today accurately and that you are putting your best foot forward. I recommend that you get a trusted friend to review your profile (or a professional) to give you feedback on how your online dating profile comes across. If you need some guidance and more specific information about how to revamp your internet dating strategy, then check out my P.S. below!

What do you think needs to be changed in your profile in this New Year? What are you committed to doing with regards to your online dating?

This curious coach would like to know! I would love your comments below.

Intentionally Yours,

Coach Amy

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2 comments on “5 Ways to Revamp your Online Dating Strategy in the New Year
  1. no name says:

    I am not sure I will ever go back to online dating. Someone I was seeing from online, passed a STD to me. I am sure he knew he had it, I have a compromised immune system and it put my health in danger.

    I realize not everyone can be judged by the actions of one bad apple, but I am not hopeful that a second experience would be much better.

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    • Coach Amy says:

      Sorry to say that you can get STD’s from people you meet offline as well as online. I suggest you slow up your dating process and get to know someone and their sexual history before you jump into bed. Also, it’s important to use protection. If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to know you have to take your own health in your own hands. Assume others may have something in this day and age.

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