5 Ways to Improve your Online Dating for Better Success This Time Around!

At this time of year, many of my coaching conversations with my clients are about preparing to get back online for the online dating blitz in January.

After New Years the online dating site’s traffic is shown to jump 25%. So will you be ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

The reports are showing that 20% to 30% of all marriages are couples that met through online dating. If you have been following me, you know I am bullish on online dating since 2/3 of my successfully coupled clients have met their partners by dating online. So I highly recommend you brush up your profile or try another online dating site for this January with these 5 ways to improve your online dating experience:

1. Try a new online dating site. Ask around to your friends and colleagues (especially those who have successfully met their partners online) to which sites are getting good responses. There seems to be a herd mentality and different sites are more active in different cities and locals. Also, try a niche site- one that is congruent with your values and interests. For instance, if it is important that your partner be very physically active, try a site like www.fitnesssingles.com.

2. Update your photos to put your best headshot forward. Does your photo look like you? Would you be recognized? Does your photo look like it was taken after a nap? You want to have an engaging photo with a warm, friendly smile. As you know, the photo is the gateway for the rest of your profile. However, there is no need to make it a glamour shot because you actually want your date to see you as better looking in person! Get a professional to do it and not your best friend (unless she is a photographer).

3. Revise your essays and profile information. When I review a client’s profile, it’s usually a major overhaul. I move concepts around and add important information that will attract the right person to them. I recommend you add in your life and relationship values, and talk about who you are first, and then what you do in terms of profession or outside activities second. Then the last paragraph is about who you are looking for. You need to hook the right people to your story. Also, consider widening up your age range, the distance you are willing to date and other limiting categories.

4. Fill in the blanks where it will serve you best. First answer this question: What do you think of someone who has done the minimum and only answered enough questions to get the profile live? Exactly! They are not invested in the process or they really don’t care. Show that you care and are invested in the process. Yes, certain areas are best left to “ask me later” such as income and other very personal information. Do give enough information to paint a picture about yourself without writing your life’s memoir!

5. Maintain a positive attitude. I can’t tell you how many times I need to take out negative wording and replace it with a positive spin. We don’t need to share all our deep dark secrets! There is a point where you will get a good sense of someone, will meet them and after a rapport is created, you will share important, relevant information. Demonstrating a positive attitude (see below- it continues on next page) about online dating is a very attractive and is a must in order to entice someone to want to get to know you better.

Online Dating can be fun and exciting if you follow these ways to improve your profile. My motto is: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! So put aside some time for you to work on getting yourself online in December so you can take be able to take advantage of any other singles actively searching for love online in January. You can meet your true love in the New Year!

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Intentionally Yours,

Coach Amy

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