5 Tips For Finding Your True Love

Love is out there. It really is. And I have the good fortune of helping people find it. I love what I do! When I say to a client, “Finding your true love doesn’t have to be a lonely process” I mean it. I get so much satisfaction out of guiding hopeful singles toward the love of their dreams.

Interestingly, my clients aren’t the only ones learning about themselves and the process of finding true love. I learn something important from every one of the people I coach.

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Here are 5 of the most memorable lessons I have learned from my clients’ love stories:

1. Never give up.

Your true love is out there looking for you, just as you are looking for him or her.Harry got married for the first time in his 50’s, proving that people do find love and marry late in life. He had given his heart to several women over the years. He even came close to “forever” prior to meeting the woman he eventually married.

His last relationship was what I call an “almost, not quite” relationship. Neither he nor the woman he was dating were bad people; they just didn’t want the same things in life.

What really impressed me about Harry was the commitment he had made to learning something valuable and transferable from each relationship. He had learned more and more about what he needed in a relationship. He also improved his communication skills along the way so he would be more effective in sharing his life vision with a potential partner.

His faith in finding love and his commitment to being the best match possible paid off. He found the love of his life, and she truly appreciates him. They are so happy together.

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2. Love may not look the way you imagined.

Perhaps the two of you are of different ethnicities or practice different religions, yet align in your values and goals. This person just “gets” you.

This was the case for Jennifer, who had always had a “type” in mind for the man she would end up with. But the man she fell in love with wasn’t that “type” at all. And yet, he’s everything she imagined.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your heart open to the possibilities – and surprises – of love. You just want to make sure your life goals are aligned and you share your important relationship values.

3. Stick to what you truly want and don’t give up on the important things.

This was true for Erica, a single mom in her 40’s. She broke up with her past boyfriend because he wouldn’t commit to her after two years of dating.

After coaching, she became clear about what kind of man she truly needed in her life. Then, as fate and drama would have it, her ex swooped back in, trying to re-win her heart.

Fortunately, she had gained clarity and was able to see that he could never be the kind of man she needed.

She then went online and met the perfect man for her. He was willing to commit to the relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. He also accepted her child as his own. That took such courage from both of them!

4. Don’t let your gremlins hold you back.

Steep yourself in what you have to offer a relationship instead of in your “don’t-haves.”

Richard, a widowed man in his 60’s, was starting to doubt his desirability and the availability of women who wanted a serious relationship after a couple of relationships not moving to the next level of commitment. Our coaching helped him stay focused on what he did have to offer that a woman would appreciate.

Despite several “almost, not quite” relationships along the way, he finally met the ideal woman for him. They are very happy; they moved in together a couple of months after they met. In fact, they got engaged just 3 months after they met!

5. Be ready for love when it shows up.

Do the work so you can recognize that special person sooner than later when he or she shows up.

In all these client love stories, the couples became exclusive within just a few dates. That’s because, as marriage-minded people, they knew who they were and whom they were looking for.

And they were open and ready to connect when they found one another. (That was true for my husband and me, as well.)

So, are you ready to find love? If you’re not sure, then I recommend you take this quiz to see how ready you are to find true love.

I’d love to know how you score! Please email me to let me know how you did.

If you want help finding your true love, I’d love to share with you my proven process for finding true and lasting love.

Wishing you a wonderful, love-filled New Year!

Coach Amy

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