Group of people out on a hike in the woods.

4 Alternatives to Online Dating That Really Work!

17 November 2022

Many people say they’re tired of being online. They want to find alternatives to online dating so they can meet people in real-life (IRL).

They’re working mostly online and want a break from facing a screen all day!

In my role as a life and relationship coach over the last 18 years, I know all the ways you can successfully meet people to date and find true love.

Group of people out on a hike in the woods.

Here are 4 alternatives to online dating you can use to find your forever life partner:

  1. Personal Introductions.

    Who better to help you than someone who knows and admires you? Your personal network is one of the best sources for meeting someone to connect with.

    There is one caveat. You must be able to describe the person whom you want to meet. Don’t leave it up to anyone else to decide who you should meet. When you’re specific in your description, it’s easier for people to introduce you to people you could really be interested in!

    In the Motivated to Marry Coaching Program, we work on distilling the WHO you’re looking for down to the 5-7 things you need to communicate to the “connectors” in your social network. You need to be brief in your description. If you give them a laundry list, they just won’t get it.

    Ava started coaching with me in the fall of 2020. She was 38 and never married. Yet all of her friends were married and having babies! She very much wanted the same for herself.

    By using one of my coaching exercises, she was able to concisely describe the 5-7 most important characteristics of the man she was looking for. Then, she was encouraged to share this with several of her “connectors.” So, she shared the information with the women in her fitness group. And one of them knew just the person to introduce Ava to – her nephew!

    Although Ava lived in DC and Jim lived in Florida, it didn’t take long before they decided to meet in person. And when they did, it was evident to both of them they were meant to be together. Within 6 months, Ava moved to Florida.

    They were engaged in the summer of 2021. They had a baby in the summer of 2022, and they’ve set the date for their wedding at the end of December 2022!

    Several of my clients met their forever loves through introductions after initially telling me they’d already asked everyone they knew for an introduction. When you use my system to ask for introductions, you’ll dramatically improve your chances of being introduced to someone who’s right for you this time around.

    The second alternative to online dating my clients have success with is speed dating.

  2. In-Person Speed Dating Events.

    Online speed dating became popular during the Pandemic. However, in-person speed dating events are more effective.

    The benefit of in-person events is that you get to talk to people before and after the event – not just for 5 minutes to see if there’s a connection. You can see how people really look – how tall or how in shape they are. Many of my clients want to meet people who take care of themselves physically and it’s hard to tell that on Zoom.

    Aileen, a 40-something professional, decided to try a speed dating event after she learned about it through my coaching program. She felt a bit reluctant to go on her own and was relieved when one of her friends asked to go with her.

    It was at this event she met her now husband. He was very attracted to her and pursued a relationship with her after the event. Although they were of different religions, they discovered they had similar values. Because Aileen had the 10 Tips to Successful Speed Dating handout from the Motivate to Marry Coaching Program, she knew to be open.

    If she had been dating online, she may have passed him up based on his religion.

    This is an example of the fact that sometimes you just need to show up, be open to possibilities, and give a nice person a chance! They got married in December 2020.

  3. Your Interests. (Beyond Work!)

    This is usually the alternative to online dating most people think of. However, to really home in on your interests, you need to work from your values. You see, we connect with others through our values.

    So, finding activities or social groups that connect to your values is important because it will put you in contact with people who have similar values and are your kind of people.

    Betty was divorced and a youthful 60-something. She decided to put some energy into meeting a life partner now that her kids were launched. Through our work together in coaching, she identified that being outdoors in nature was a top interest and value for her.

    She found a Meetup hiking group in her local area that interested her. And it was on a group hike that she met her now partner. They’ve been in a significant relationship for over a year now.

    There are so many groups and activities out there. You just need to figure out where to spend your free time.

    Are you putting yourself where you’ll have a good chance of meeting someone who could be a good partner for you?

    Enjoying some of the same interests and activities is important to maintaining a vibrant and connected relationship, especially in the post-children phase of your life.

    The last of the alternatives to online dating I’ll mention is one that many don’t think of. Yet, it’s one that in the last couple of years has sparked some amazing relationships.

  4. Reconnect with Past Loves.

    In the Motivated to Marry Coaching Program, I have a Past Loves worksheet. My clients use it to look back on their lives and past relationships they believe could have been.

    Several of my clients take inventory of who from their past they really cared for or even loved. Yet their original relationship didn’t work out because of time and/or conflicting goals.

    Others consider someone they thought of dating but never did. So, they explore the person’s current relationship status.

    Using the Past Loves worksheet is exactly how Jack found his true love.

    Jack was in his mid-50s, retired, and never married when he began coaching with me. He was very involved with his career overseas and never met the woman he wanted to develop a relationship with that would lead to marriage.

    He came to me for coaching when he retired early and was involved in his passion project of helping his community. It was 2020 and the Pandemic had just begun.

    And shortly after we began our work together, Jack reached out to Nancy on Facebook. They knew each other from college and were part of the same group. As it turned out, Nancy was single and had never gotten married either. She was still living in Iowa near where they had gone to college.

    Jack decided to travel to Iowa to see Nancy and further their connection which morphed into a romance. Eventually, Jack moved back to Iowa. Last I heard, they were happy and enjoying life together.

    So, sometimes you can go back. I’ve seen both high school and college sweethearts reconnect.

These are just 4 of the alternatives to online dating that are in the Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets Coaching Program which doesn’t leave any stone unturned. The program offers a wealth of options for dating. And with these dating options, you’ll be able to take the next steps and develop a personalized dating plan that works for you.

If you want to learn more about how to find true love based on your values, goals, and personality, then check out the Motivated to Marry Coaching Program at and join our vibrant Motivated to Marry Community.