Couple riding a tandem bike on a boardwalk.

12 Great Summertime Relationship-Building Activities

24 August 2023

It’s summertime and a new relationship may be in the picture for you. Perhaps you’ve started dating someone new or you’re in a relationship for several months, so what are some great summertime relationship-building activities you can enjoy together?

I’ve created a list of my top 12 relationship-building activities you can do together as a couple that will create greater connection while having fun! (I’m keeping this clean, you know!)

  1. Let’s get wet!

    Water activities are perfect for summer. Being in a sailboat, kayak, canoe, or rowboat together are each great relationship-building activities. Boating of any kind takes coordination, communication, and a meeting of the minds or you’ll end up on the other side of the lake! Don’t worry if you get a little wet or capsize, it’s a way to cool off and work as a team to get back on track.
  2. Take a hike!

    Follow the leader? One of you has to chart the path and know where you’re going. The other has to have faith in the leader of the hike. Make sure you bring water and something to snack on.

    One of my boyfriends took me on a very hilly and strenuous hike in 90-degree weather. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring water or any other drink. He also forgot to tell me it was going to be a 2-hour hike.

    So make sure you trust the person you’re following or you should choose to be the leader. Going on a hike with someone can be a make-it-or-break-it relationship-building activity. (As you probably guessed, it was a break-it adventure for me and that man.)
  3. Be a swinger!

    Do you like to swing a golf club? Are you competitive? Do you take it all in good fun or get mad when you lose?

    Golf can be a fun, relationship-building activity or show the dark side of your date! Does he cheat? Does she take a mulligan way too many times? Whether it’s an actual golf game or miniature golf, you’ll get a real glimpse of your partner’s personality, the good, the bad, and the ugly!
  4. Get yourself out of a pickle!

    Do you like to play tennis or pickleball? Again, you’ll learn a lot about your partner’s personality when you play a competitive sport with them.

    I remember one date when we played tennis and he beat me 6-0, 6-0. Ouch! And I was a good player back then. Afterward, he thanked me and left! (It was my tennis club.) No offer for a drink afterward or to grab a bite. Needless to say, he didn’t take advantage of an après relationship-building activity. And, as you have guessed, I didn’t see that guy again for another date. 
  5. Cheer your team on!

    Do you like to watch spectator sports? Be it your city’s baseball or soccer team or the local college’s summer league, enjoying a game together can be relationship-building – even if you’re cheering for different teams! Friendly rivalry can be fun. And, you never know, your date may have a great arm and win the tee-shirt toss!
  6. Band together

    There are tons of outdoor music venues and enjoying a concert together is another fun relationship-building activity I highly recommend.

    Imagine sitting on a blanket together, sipping a cool beverage, and relaxing while you’re listening to a great local band. Or perhaps you’re going to an outdoor concert to hear one of your favorite groups.

    Music sets the mood and is a great relationship-building activity. You may even venture dancing together to the beat of the music.
  7. Be culture vultures

    Does getting a dose of culture get you going? Go to museums together, take in theatre or an art gallery tour. Sharing your love of the arts and enjoying culture gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss your knowledge on various subjects and expand each other’s horizons.
  8. Taste around the Town!

    Are you foodies? Do you enjoy trying new cuisines from around the world?

    Sharing a meal can be a way to bond. Take in a festival where you can sample different dishes from various area restaurants. Or go on a tasting tour around town where you sample a little something from several restaurants. This will show you your partner’s sense of adventure and how hot of a dish he/she can tolerate!
  9. Big screens ahead!

    Summertime outdoor movies are a favorite. Grab a picnic and a blanket and get ready for a classic movie under the stars. How romantic is that? Finding a movie you both enjoy is a relationship-building activity and will be something you’ll likely negotiate many times throughout your relationship.
  10. Pedal power!

    Biking is a relationship-building activity that’s healthy and active at the same time. Finding a path or a destination that you’d like to go to together is part of the fun. And the bonus is the sense of accomplishment you’ll share when you reach your destination. Don’t forget to plan some fun stops along the way for iced tea or an ice cream cone! Or check out the local winery or brewery.
  11. Don’t get bored, play games!

    Grab some board games and find a picnic table. Don’t forget to bring refreshments! Playing games can be fun be it backgammon, checkers, or more involved strategy games. Board games can test your wits and you can see how competitive (and smart) someone is! (Or maybe they just play more often and know the moves.)

    Playing board games is a lifetime pursuit. It doesn’t matter your age or physical ability. And it’s a fun way to keep your mind active.
  12. Be a day trip dreamer!

    Taking a day trip to have an occasional adventure an hour or two away is the last of the relationship-building activities I’ll share.

    How you travel together is a test for any relationship. Do you like to plan your itinerary or do you like to see where you end up and just go with the flow?  There’s no right or wrong. Half the fun is the journey and the conversation in the car!

Those are my top 12 relationship-building activities for couples! I hope you’ll try one or more of them. I’m looking forward to you telling me which ones you prefer. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer! And if you want someone to guide you as you’re building your relationship to a greater level of commitment (and who knows, maybe even marriage!), let me know how I may best support your efforts. Go to to complete the form and schedule a time for us to talk. I am committed to helping you find love this year!

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