Will there be fireworks for you on the 4th?

I remember when I had turned 40 and I had no man in my life during the July 4th holiday weekend.  That must have had been the roughest holiday weekend for me.  I am a woman who likes to have plans and desires to be with people.   So I did what any industrious person would do…

At the time I owned a women’s boutique and during the day I went into the store to finish up on the paperwork that needed to be done since I used the time to tie up the loose ends from my mid-year inventory accounting.  Then, I brought my roller blades and all by myself I attempted to go roller blading along a nearby bike path.  I remember Washington, DC being very hot and it must have been 90 degrees!

We didn’t have Meetup.com at that time, however, I did belong to a couple of activity groups and I was fortunate to have some close friends to plan to get together for the evening’s festivities.  However, here in DC the mall gets throngs of people and now it seems that the mall would not be the best place to organize a meetup!

This is my holiday 4th of July suggestions for you:

–         Find an appropriate singles group (age wise) that is getting together at an easy to locate place for firework viewing.
–         Get a small group of friends together for an activity together where you will travel together to the local fireworks showing.
–         Go on a boat cruise with a group to view the fireworks on the water.
–         Encourage a friend who has an apartment balcony that has a good view of the fireworks to have a cocktail or desert party.

Holidays do signify the passing of time and for some, as it was for me, I yearned to have someone with whom to share this beautiful, amazing experience.   However, being with close friends or meeting new friends can make it meaningful, as well.  My relationship advice is to start there for your planning of a fun and fulfilling holiday experience.

Again, my relationship advice is to make your plans today so you won’t be by yourself and have no plans for this holiday weekend.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

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