“Too Old” To Find Love? Don’t Worry, You’ve Still Got It

Isn’t 40 the new 30? Is it too late to find love when we are over 40 or even over 60? Not so!

My clients are finding love, and most are over 40! When it comes to love, age really has nothing to do with it. Age is just a number and a state of mind. See my video below that will give you hope that you can still find love at any age:

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One comment on ““Too Old” To Find Love? Don’t Worry, You’ve Still Got It
  1. m says:

    I think this is all very encouraging, and that a positive attitude is quite key.

    But if you’re around that age, or even edging up on it – especially if you’re in another group of people as well who are perceived by the culture to be “less than optimally desirable”, so you’re not perceived by men as a sufficient Status Object for their ego boost (which is apparently required and I wish someone had told me that when I was in my teens and barely learning to date, since I was both shy and sheltered) – it’s not just about what you think about yourself. You are also fighting the odds of how other people (other men, let’s just call it; this is harder in an ageist society for women) perceive you.

    I don’t think that’s discussed enough, either how to find people who don’t have “status” requirements of their partners that are quite so acute, or who is asking them about *their* perceptions of people, and the extent to which those perceptions are valid (or if they’ve even examined them at all, or if they’re just subconsciously driven by “what their buddies think” and don’t even realize it).

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