Modern-day dating can seem more like job-hunting in a competitive market than simply falling into love by chance. You have to work at it, put yourself out there, and diversify your approach. It takes effort. Online dating has finally taken over as the top way couples are meeting — outperforming the “family and friends” plan. But there are still plenty of ways to meet “the one,” especially for marriage-minded people. And Meetup dating is one of those ways.

Group eating together exploring the pros and cons of meetup dating

Most people are familiar with Meetup, even if they’ve never joined a Meetup group or attended an event. The premise of this largest network of local groups is building community based on common interests. Passionate about environmental clean-up and sustainability? There’s a group for that. Interested in art museums? Take your pick of artsy-minded groups. Single again and looking for a way to meet other singles with similar interests? Opportunities abound for Meetup dating or simply making new friends with fellow singles.

Meetup’s mission is grounded in the power of individuals to make a difference in themselves and in the world through self-organization. If you have a passion or interest that you know is shared by others, you can organize your own group. You don’t have to wait for a party planner or major organization to put together an event.

On any given day, more than 9,000 Meetup groups are meeting face-to-face around the globe with the common goal to “make community real.” And, while your initiation into this friendship- and community-builder starts online (check out their phone app here), Meetup is all about just that — meeting up.

Meetup dating, like all things, has its pros and cons. As a dating coach, I am committed to helping my clients have the broadest and most personalized reach into their dating options. I want them to have an online presence, and I also want them to be out meeting people in person. It’s important, therefore, that they understand the pros and cons of all their options.

Here are some of the pros of Meetup dating.

Here are some of the cons of Meetup dating.

When you’re looking for lasting love in this fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s important to be diversified in your approach. You need to be anchored with a well-prepared online presence, and you also need to be out there engaging in-person connections.

Especially for people who are marriage-minded, building relationships on common values and interests is essential. Meetup dating is one of the best ways to bring wonderful, like-minded people into your life.

And by building your own community of friends with common values and interests, your chances of finding “the one” skyrocket!

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