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You May have Tried that Already, but have You Done this Yet to Meet Quality People for Dating?

Spring is in the air and the possibility of love abounds, especially here in the mid -Atlantic and Northern US States. Perhaps you feel like you have been out there dating for a long time and have nothing to show

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Single and Searching? Time to Get Out and See Where to Meet More Singles!

Memorial Day weekend is signals that summer is here and it’s time to get out and play! This is especially true for those of us who suffered the cold and arduous winter months. And, it’s a great time to get

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Is it Time to Fall Back into Dating and Find Some Special?

After Labor Day weekend the summer for the most part has ended and we get back into the back to school and back to work mode.  There is a sense that there is a finite amount of time to get

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Will there be fireworks for you on the 4th?

​I remember when I had turned 40 and I had no man in my life during the July 4th holiday weekend. That must have had been the roughest holiday weekend for me. I am a woman who likes to have plans and desires to be with people. So I did what any industrious person would do…

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