How To Find True Love When You’re Dating After 50

Couple have fun dating over 50 at a coffee shop.

Dating after 50 might seem intimidating or worse — completely impossible. It’s no secret that people in the second half of their lives come with a lot of baggage, and that’s bound to complicate dating for anyone, right? But before you go worrying about what problems could arise, here’s some dating advice to put those […]

Can you Flirt?

Flirting is an art so I have been told.  For some people it comes naturally and for others it is like speaking Mandarin as if it is a foreign language! My best friend says I am a flirt and that I should teach flirting!  Really?  I don’t consider that I am flirting expert and I […] Tips for Dating

Bowling is one of the activities you can use for Meetup dating.

A persistent social trend is to meet people through This is a site where Evite meets Facebook!  After you post your profile, you select what kind of people or groups you would like to be a part of near where you live. (It will ask you for your zip code to identify groups close […]

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Singles- Part I

We are less than a week away from one of the most dreaded holidays for singles – especially for those not in a relationship and those who are dating and not yet in a committed relationship. In the next few days I hope to give you a couple of tips for dating and making the […]

5 Ways to Get Love Right in 2011!

The clock struck midnight on New Years Eve and you were with your friends or alone with no one to kiss.  You vowed to yourself to have a significant relationship by the summer.  How do you plan on making that happen? Here are my top dating tips and strategies to get love right in this […]