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7 Ways that Dating for Marriage Differs from Just Dating

Are you dating for marriage? Here is a great example of one of my clients who thought she was dating for marriage, Karen, who had never been married,in her late 30’s, and has been dating and been in several relationships off and on for most of her adult life. When she started coaching with me she was in relationship with a promising professional man in his early 40’s for about 2 years and was hoping to bring it to the next level of commitment, namely marriage!

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Getting Engaged- do you know the what to do when you hit a snag in your dating relationship?

I see this with every client. They meet someone who is relationship oriented as they are. There is a true connection and a desire to move towards a more serious arrangement like getting engaged or establish a committed monogamous relationship.

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A Dating Coach’s Reflections on 12 years of her marriage!

This past weekend was my 12 year wedding anniversary with Alan. This is a major milestone for me. My first marriage ended abruptly in year eleven when I was 36. So I had a huge gremlin about whether I would make it past eleven years in this marriage this time around.

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How to Find Love and be Happy as a Single during the Holidays

Many of my clients and singles that I talk to are apprehensive about the holidays. First, they would really like to find love and not have to go through the holidays as a solo. They are not really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their family and enduring their family member’s inquisition about their love life. Besides, Aunt Jane has not been in the dating world for over 30 years!

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Relationship Question: Do you consider a past relationship a failure or a lesson learned?

As the song goes, “Breaking up is hard to do!” And for many of us we loved some aspect of being in a romantic relationship with someone. Perhaps it was having someone who seems to care about us, or someone

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