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In this New Year, what’s possible for you as a marriage minded single?

Happy New Year! Exciting isn’t it? New Possibilities. New Opportunities. What do you want to make happen for you in 2017? In a recent webinar, I asked my community of marriage minded single singles to close their eyes and image

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Marriage Minded Dating Success Stories – Coach Amy’s Story-#1I

One of the questions I get asked as a relationship life coach is “How do you know it’s the right person?” First, I believe, you do need to spend some time getting to know someone, meet their family and see how they react in stressful situations.

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Relationship advice for marriage minded singles: be willing to declare yourself as such!

Marriage minded singles have a real problem. They are outnumbered by those singles that are not marriage-minded. If you talk to several of your single friends, colleagues and relatives about their desire to find a marriage partner, you will get one of these responses:

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