5 Ways to Revamp your Online Dating Strategy in the New Year

Now is the best time of the year to get back online or revamp your online dating strategy. Statistics suggest that the time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is when online activity increases dramatically. People are looking for love in the chilly winter months (especially in the upper half of the US) when they are stuck inside between these two holidays. That is why I have been recommending to my clients they get back online or consider revising their current online dating strategy ASAP!

Here are 5 ways you can update your online dating strategy and profile to yield you better results this year:

Are you hanging out with other Marriage Minded People?

You know the expression, “A bird of a feathers flock together.  It’s so true!  I find the company we keep affects all aspects of our lives.  And if you are marriage minded, it is important to hang out with other marriage minded individual instead of hanging out with people who shun marriage minded dating and […]

Is Internet Dating Safe?

One of my clients asked, “Is Online dating safe? “  My answer is, “It depends on which site you are on and on your screening process.”  There are many tips for dating safe that I give in my internet dating classes. One is to trust your gut- if it doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t. […]

Which Online Dating Site Should I Try?

As part of your total dating strategy, I urge my clients to try online dating as a way to find quality people to date.  There is a whole slew of reasons to be online, one of which that just the shear numbers of singles who are participating and the convenience that it offers. I spoke […]