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Why Hire A Dating Coach To Help You Find Lasting Love?

Why hire a dating coach? To find true love.

Technology puts the world at your fingertips — including the world of romance and dating. So why hire a dating coach to help you find lasting love when it’s all but handed to you on a silicon platter? Perhaps you

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“Too Old” To Find Love? Don’t Worry, You’ve Still Got It

Isn’t 40 the new 30? Is it too late to find love when we are over 40 or even over 60? Not so! My clients are finding love, and most are over 40! When it comes to love, age really

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Dating Coach Amy Says, “When Dating for Marriage it’s Values, Values, Values!”

Perhaps you have heard that in business it’s all about location, location, location! However, this dating coach believes that for relationships, it’s all about values, values and values! What do I mean about values? Let me explain:

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Are you chasing after the wrong person in your hopes of finding love?

Let me see if you can relate to this. You meet someone you are very much attracted to. You try and get their attention. You may have even succeeded in going out with them (you did the asking) and yet, there is no reciprocal action. He or she is happy to accept your invitations. However, they are not calling you. It is not reciprocal.

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