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Relationship Advice for Men: How to Connect with that Special Woman During the First Months of Dating

How do you show someone that you feel that you are special and you mean the world to them? It’s human nature to feel special when someone is paying attention to you. And to share with someone what matters to them most also matters to you.

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How to Easily Meet People — Find a Singles Halloween Party!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Not for the scary costumes and the macabre, but for the ability to be creative and interact with people in a fun and relaxed way. One of my tips for dating is to find a Halloween party
for singles this coming week!

First, you have to find a costume. For women, I recommend a cute and sexy costume that attracts and is playful. A cute red devil or a black cat is always a crowd pleaser. My dating tip for men is to find a masculine, hunky costume such as a super hero (you can show your muscles in your captain America or Spiderman costume) or a debonair Count Dracula with his dramatic cape.

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Springtime Dating Tips: Get out and play!

Where can you go to meet marriage minded singles this spring? Find out here…

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Key Dating Tips for Singles: Open up your mind to whom you would date

In a coaching session with one of my male 40 something clients, who is motivated to marry and wants a family, made a comment that he prefers not to date women with children already from either divorce or losing a

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During a recent telegathering I discussed first date tips for men and women.  The one relationship question that everyone wanted answered is: Who should pay for the first date? The traditional rules of dating dictated that the man paid for

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