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Can You Find True Love After 40? Absolutely, If You Do This

A couple happily dancing in a field after finding true love after 40.

Forty seems to be the new thirty! Couples often start families later, and people don’t always lock in their careers until they’ve spent years in several jobs. But can you find true love after 40? Or is it too late

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How To Find True Love When You’re Dating After 50

Couple have fun dating over 50 at a coffee shop.

Dating after 50 might seem intimidating or worse — completely impossible. It’s no secret that people in the second half of their lives come with a lot of baggage, and that’s bound to complicate dating for anyone, right? But before

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DC Relationship Coach Amy Schoen talks about her book and upcoming event

On this video I am being interviewed on Let’ s Talk Live New Channel 8 on 8/4/2011 about her book, Get It Right This Time- How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship, and also is asked about her my personal story to meeting my husband.

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Key Dating Tips for Singles: Open up your mind to whom you would date

In a coaching session with one of my male 40 something clients, who is motivated to marry and wants a family, made a comment that he prefers not to date women with children already from either divorce or losing a

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