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Why Is Finding True Love So Difficult?

Couple making a heart with their hands asking themselves why true love is so hard to find.

We come into this world with a predisposition to love and be loved. Why is finding true love so difficult as adults? Do we lose our understanding of love along the way? Do the experiences of life gradually jade us to the possibility of authentic love?

True love and finding a committed relationship that last the test of time is rare. It’s grounded in respect, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, fidelity and safety. These are sustaining qualities of relationships; but rarely are we taught to look for them.

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How to Easily Meet People — Find a Singles Halloween Party!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Not for the scary costumes and the macabre, but for the ability to be creative and interact with people in a fun and relaxed way. One of my tips for dating is to find a Halloween party
for singles this coming week!

First, you have to find a costume. For women, I recommend a cute and sexy costume that attracts and is playful. A cute red devil or a black cat is always a crowd pleaser. My dating tip for men is to find a masculine, hunky costume such as a super hero (you can show your muscles in your captain America or Spiderman costume) or a debonair Count Dracula with his dramatic cape.

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Great Advice for Dating Here: Listen to my “5 Critical Secrets to Getting Love Right” Teleclass Audio

These are some of my key “Secrets” or “Strategies” that will help you Get Love Right in the New Year. Please forgive the primitive technology and there has been no editing to this recording.

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Are you attracting the right people for dating?

Take a good look at who are you attracting in terms of dating.  Then think about what kind of person do you want to meet?  What are their characteristics – not physical necessarily- more about who they are?  Answer this

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Advice for Dating: learn some key relationship skills to succeed in love for the long haul.

We go to school to learn how to succeed in our careers.  We take music lessons to learn how to play an instrument.  You may even take continuing education classes to learn a new skill or develop an interest. How

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