Must Have Dating Tips: Have an Accountability Partner

Most people, when trying to achieve a goal such as losing weight or finding a new job, find that they are more successful when they have the support of someone they trust: a friend or a family (or a coach or counselor).  This person keeps us accountable for staying on track and cheers us on as we work toward our aspirations.  We also feel compelled to report back our progress to him or her in order to maintain the momentum staying on track for reaching our goal.  The same can be applied to your dating plan with the result of finding your true romantic relationship.  My critical dating tip is to enlist the help of an accountability partner to help you succeed with achieving this goal.

We all do better and stick to our goals when we have to answer to someone other than ourselves.  I do this with my clients – if they say they are going to do something, I hold them to it! My dating advice for them is the same as my dating advice for all of you: follow through on the dating plans you commit to yourself! Whether it be a friend, a family member or a life coach, having an accountability partner will help you stay focused on your dating goal of finding the one. He or she will be there to support you when dating is frustrating to you.  This is one of my top dating tips –that you enlist the help of this person by telling them your goals and work out the details on how that person can help you stay focused and how you want to be accountable to him or her.

You will surely see results when you do have someone in your corner supporting you!

Intentionally yours,
Coach Amy

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