One of my clients asked, “Is Online dating safe? “  My answer is, “It depends on which site you are on and on your screening process.”  There are many tips for dating safe that I give in my internet dating classes. One is to trust your gut- if it doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t. We have good instincts in us that we ignore at times. Also, if the picture is fuzzy, and there is only one, that could be a problem. Ask them to email you another picture.  She how responsive the person is.

Just like you would be cautious with someone you met at a bar, take the same caution you would with someone you meet online.   Meet someone during the day and tell a good friend when you are meeting someone.  Have that friend call you after the date.  Also, meet in a public place and take your own transportation.  Do not give out your work or regular email.  I recommend you have a separate yahoo or gmail email account for dating only.  Definitely Google your potential date (check out Facebook and Linked In too) if you can to make sure this person is who they say they are.

I definitely believe that internet dating needs to be a part of your overall dating plan- especially for time starved singles. Many of my clients have had success dating online. Starting in July I will be teaching a six week program on internet dating.  To find out the specific details go to

I hope you will join me and a group of like minded individuals seeking serious romantic relationships.  You can save $200 (40%) by signing up by May 31st.

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