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About the Community 

Motivated to Marry Singles is an online Facebook community where marriage minded single individuals can get support and helpful advice on dating for the purpose of marriage.  

We are here to support and share with one another with our goal of dating for marriage. If you are on the same journey, we welcome you to join us.  

Learn from expert relationship and dating coach, Amy Schoen as well as support from other like minded people. 

We look forward to sharing and caring together!

About Your Coach, Amy

Amy Schoen is a nationally recognized dating and relationship expert since 2004.  

She has helped hundreds of marriage minded individuals to find their lifelong mates and early stage couples to create the relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying that lead to greater commitment and marriage.

Amy’s story is one of perseverance. She was divorced in her mid-thirties and successfully remarried at 42 to a man who is a much better partner!  

Her husband and she also struggled with infertility and eventually gave birth to her son at the age of 48, after exploring all their options to bring in a child into their family. 

 She has been married to Alan since 2002.

Amy works closely with her clients on their online dating strategy and has a knack for helping her clients to represent themselves fully with their online profiles. Over two-thirds of her clients have met their life and marriage partners through online dating.

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Real People, Real Results

“Working with Coach Amy changed my dating mindset, I dated so many Mr. Right-Nows that I was getting them confused when I was ready to find my Mr. Right- Forever. Coach Amy helped me to look for the things that I valued in the relationship instead of things I was settling for in a relationship.” — Karen