Do you feel you are a Sleeping Beauty who just woke up at 40 still looking to find love?

A recent client expressed that she wondered how she got to be 40 and is still single. Time has slipped away with other things taking priority in her life rather than to focus to find love. Here you are – 40 with no significant relationship or family. It’s kind of like you are a sleeping beauty. You wake up one day after a long deep sleep and wonder where your prince is! I know how difficult that can be.

When I turned 40, I was divorced and had no significant relationship in my life without any children from my previous marriage. This was the heartbreak of my life. I never expected to be 40, single and without a family. However, you have a choice to make either to whine about where you are in life or to make the best life for yourself possible or keep hope that you will find love for marriage and a family while proactively working towards that goal.

The good news is that many of my friends, clients and I did find love in our early 40’s. We have families as well by natural means, by undergoing IVF, by adopting or becoming a significant step parent. Many of my clients were in their 40’s who found their marriage mates and significant others and most have never been married before.

I commend my clients for taking a bold step and hiring me as their relationship life coach. It’s important to look at what has prevented you from connecting with the right person and how to find love that does leads to marriage and a family, making this more of a priority in your life. And you need to look at all the available options for you to find love that is congruent with your personality and budget!

Ask yourself, “How would I like to be turning 50 and still have no significant relationship or children in my life?” Time is so precious. What can you do to give yourself the best chance possible for finding that special person to share your life? What actions are you willing to take today?

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

PS. If you are ready to make finding love a priority for you and you would like my support, then go to for a complementary Meet Your Mate Strategy Session with me. I have limited number of slots available for this session and do have a private coaching slot opening up for April because a client has joyfully met his mate.

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