Dating with Children in the Picture: Where do you meet kid friendly people?

This is one of the relationship questions I hear a lot.  Especially if you have children, it’s important to meet someone for a serious relationship who is “kid friendly”.  These are people who like being around children, see them as a blessing and not as an annoyance.

Also, if you are a single person without children and want children in your life (and may not be able to have your own children at this stage of your life) where would you more likely meet single parents for dating?   Believe it or not, it is easier for this group to meet single parents.

There are single parent groups like Parents without Partners ( and other local single parent groups.  I know one man who never married and he went to their meetings in search of a single mother!   Now with you can sign up for a single parent group.  You can find a group in your area.  I know there are several DC groups that are specifically for single parents.  You can find them on

Of course there are online dating sites that cater to single parents like  Again, it’s important to be upfront about that you love children and would welcome to be part of a family.

Another offline place to meet people who love children is volunteer organizations focusing on children like the Make a Wish foundation or Special Olympics.  If you get involved with one of these organizations I am sure that you will meet some single parents (or singles) who adore children.

If you don’t have children, it’s important to put yourself where single parents may be.  How about teaching a Sunday school class?  You are sure to find the single mothers and fathers who share your same religious affiliation!

Now that the weather is getting nice, you can go to the zoo, to a local park, or the local pool and meet single mothers and fathers who are taking care of their children on the weekends.   My last piece of dating advice is to work part time (on the weekends) at a local independent toy store.  You are surely to meet some single parents there!

How have you been successful in meeting kid friendly people? I’d love to see your suggestions.  What qualities are you looking for in a love relationship if you are a single parent?

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know your answers to these questions and any comments you may have on this subject. (Click comment link at the end of this blog post)

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