Dating Coach Amy gets Rave Reviews for “5 Critical Secrets for Getting Love Right in the New Year!”

Last Monday I gave my teleclass to a very active and interactive group of singles – it was the Brianiac Meetup group in the New York area.  The organizer, Lawrence Chernin, is very open minded and desires his community to get all the tools they need to succeed in love!

These were some of the comments from his members:

“Everything was presented clearly and in an upbeat big picture way with enough examples to clarify the notions for anyone who was new to the concept being discussed. Well worth the time for anyone serious about seeking wisdom for something we are not “schooled” in.” Regis D

“I enjoyed the give-and-take. I also think Amy gave some good advice, in terms of the need for people to make it their priority to find someone if that is their goal and to do what we enjoy. Thank you, Lawrence, for arranging this for our benefit. I was glad to participate” Ilene S

You can still sign up to hear the same teleclass for this coming Monday evening (1/3) at 9 pm EST.   My hope is that this dating coach can make the difference in your dating life!

Also, Lawrence has a robust dating site: I suggest you check it out.

All the best for a Happy and Loving New Year!

Intentionally yours,

Coach Amy

PS.  If you really want to focus on Getting Love Right this year, then join my upcoming Get Love Right telecoaching group ( starting February 22nd.  There are only 6 slots available for this group where you will get individual attention and support from like-minded individuals.  I also review your internet dating profile (or get you online!).  Join before the 1/5/11, and save 30% and get an additional personal coaching session.  Lets get started today!
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