Coach Amy’s Dating Tips: 5 ways to tell if you are a dating snob

Every once in a while I run across a potential client or a single person I meet who I consider to be a dating snob.  What is a dating snob?  That is someone who thinks they are too good for everyone out there and basically would rather sit home alone or hang out with their married friends than mingle among other singles and subject themselves to singles events (where there are single people to meet!).

This is the 5 signs that you are a dating snob:

  1. You truly believe those people who show up for singles events are the rejects from other’s past relationships.  There are no worthy people at these singles events.
  2. You are constantly knocking down people because they don’t meet your impossible standards.  You judge people based upon looks only.
  3.  Your time is too valuable to waste it on singles events or pointless online dating.
  4. You can’t fathom why anyone would subject themselves to speed dating.  Only desperate people would do that.
  5. You stopped asking your friends to set you up because the only people they know are geeks and nerds.  Besides all the good people out there are already married.

Truly, if you do not believe that there are good people available to date, then you should stay away from the singles’ dating scene.  As you may have already heard, one person’s castaway is another’s gem.  I have seen this time and time again.  I am the kind of person who looks for the good in people and would give a nice person a chance.

And studies show that as you get to know someone and you find that you share the same values and life perspectives, they can become more attractive to you.  Are you giving a warm, open and giving person a chance to get to know him or her?  This is one of my top dating tips.

I see wonderful, desirable people that are available to date at all ages and sexes.  Those who are open to getting to know people, enjoy meeting all sorts of people have more fun with the dating process and ultimately have the best success with meeting their true love partner.

Have you ever been guilty of being a dating snob?  Do you wonder how others less worthy of you end up meeting someone wonderful to date an have a meaningful relationship?  This curious coach would like to know your opinion on this subject!


Warm Wishes,

Coach Amy


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One comment on “Coach Amy’s Dating Tips: 5 ways to tell if you are a dating snob
  1. lm says:

    Geeks and nerds – male ones – can be terrible dating snobs. They may have argumentativeness issues, talk on and on about themselves issues — but my special favorites are the ones who are insistent on the Heidi Klum / Halle Berry lookalike while not being exactly “height-weight proportionate” — or even in reasonable shape or comparatively reasonably groomed — themselves.

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