Coach Amy’s Advice for Dating: How to Make the Most of 2011

The Holidays are upon us, which means that the New Year is just around the corner.  Preparing for a new year can be an exciting time for us all as we plan on a new and better self.  My advice for dating in 2011 is to go about dating with an open-minded perspective.

Be Hopeful.

Attitude is everything.  If you are negative and expect nothing, you’ll get exactly that.  My advice for dating is to hope for positive dating experiences.  You’ll be more likely to have success when you put out a hopeful attitude. People you are meeting will likely pick up on this positivity and will respond better to this than to a negative attitude.

So attitude is everything.  Enjoy the experiences you are presented.  A client of mine told me that she really made an effort to enjoy each and every date because even the “bad ones” signified an opportunity for finding that special someone. My advice for dating is that you try to adopt this same mindset and really find the joy in each experience.

Be Adventurous

Want to try online dating, but scared to try? Dying to join a Meetup group, but worried about how you will be received? My advice for dating is to take the plunge!  Be adventurous in 2011 – new things can be scary, but they can also be rewarding.  Think of how happy you will be if you try something new and achieve positive results.  A client joined a Vegetarian Meetup Group in her area.  She attended several events and met a nice man that she is dating.

Be Open

Each date and every attempt at putting yourself out there is an opportunity to learn and grow from your experiences.  If you are willing to try – and sometimes try and try again – you will most likely find success.  My advice for dating is to be willing to try and to learn from each experience.

What do you think it will take to find love in 2011?  What is your dating plan?

Intentionally yours,
Coach Amy

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