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Dating in a Tough Economy – low cost alternatives

Has the recession crimped your dating budget?  Living expenses has gone up and perhaps your income has stayed static or even declined.  Maybe you’ve lost your job or the big contract or your business is down.  How does a guy

What’s Your Vision of The Ideal Partner?

One of my clients recently asked me about the concept of the vision board and how it works. He liked the idea of the vision board and wanted to know more about the specifics.  I am a big believer of

What Scares You in Dating and Relationships?

Here is this week’s scary relationship problem to follow my Halloween Theme: you meet all sorts of people in dating.  It’s up to you to pick out worthy people to date who seem to be looking for a serious relationship. 

10 Tips on How to Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success on a First Date-Especially if You Have Never Met the Person Before!

Today’s dating advice for women and men includes ten tips to set you up for success on a first date.  Let’s say you have been doing online dating during the last couple of weeks you have communicated with someone of

Top Qualities to Look for in a Long-term Motivated to Marry™ Partner

Do you know what kind of person would make you happy?  What qualities would you want someone you would want to marry have?  As human beings, we all respond to certain gestures and behaviors positively.   This dating advice for women