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Can you find a serious love relationship on Facebook?

The past two weeks I have been steeped in learning about social networking.  I am curious about if couples who have met on Facebook.  This is the most obvious site for this kind of activity.  Will online internet dating sites

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Dating with Children in the Picture:When do you introduce your date to the kids?

One of the relationship questions I get that comes up often by my clients is about when to meet the kids.   There are many factors to consider:  the age of the child(ren),  the length of time you are dating, the

Dating with Children in the Picture: Where do you meet kid friendly people?

This is one of the relationship questions I hear a lot.  Especially if you have children, it’s important to meet someone for a serious relationship who is “kid friendly”.  These are people who like being around children, see them as

Dating with Children in the Picture: How important in marital status?

Recently, I gave a book talk ( ) to a group of separated and divorced individuals through a group called New Beginnings. ( I am used to working with people who are single- either never married or divorced. I forgot

Dating with Children in the Picture: Time to Date?

It’s hard enough to find time to date when you are single and have just you to take care of. Those who are single parents and divorced have a whole other set of issues. As a single parent to set