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Which Online Dating Site Should I Try?

As part of your total dating strategy, I urge my clients to try online dating as a way to find quality people to date.  There is a whole slew of reasons to be online, one of which that just the

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Back to Writing & My Top 3 Tips for Dating

Sorry I have been away from my writing for my blog!  Life has been very hectic – with several snow storms in DC, a toddler in the house, a husband who is job hunting and a very active coaching business. 

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Are You too Busy for a Relationship? Part II

In my last blog post I discussed on reason that someone may not be making time for a relationship-that they are activity driven and plan too many events and activities that don’t put themselves in the right place to meet

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Are You Too Busy for a Relationship? Part I.

All relationships take time!  So in a romantic relationship especially requires time and attention.  You know this.  However, are you fully prepared to make the time you need to give to a relationship? Let me tell you about one of

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Can you find a serious love relationship on Facebook?

The past two weeks I have been steeped in learning about social networking.  I am curious about if couples who have met on Facebook.  This is the most obvious site for this kind of activity.  Will online internet dating sites

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