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What is inspiration for you? An interview with the Baby Boomer’s Project

Recently I was interviewed by the Get Inspired Boomer’s Project (  I feel that this would be of interests to my readers to read about what is inspiration for me- and how it could translates to my clients.  I hope

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What do you do when you get derailed from your life goals?

Life just got in the way and I was unable to find the time to write my regular blog post for about a week. Let me explain.

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Spending the Holidays with Your Family as a Single Person

For many the Holiday Season means more time spent with our families.  This can be especially hard for singles – especially those who are recently divorced or separated, who have younger siblings who are married with children or who have

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Relationship Advice on How to Survive the Holidays as a Single Person

The Holiday Season can be a stressful time for singles. There is an air of festivity, but also often an expectation that “loved ones” should include a significant other. That can create the need to scramble and find someone to be with for the holidays. However, my relationship advice for single people is to avoid falling into what I call a “convenient relationship”.

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Must Have Dating Tips: Have an Accountability Partner

Most people, when trying to achieve a goal such as losing weight or finding a new job, find that they are more successful when they have the support of someone they trust: a friend or a family (or a coach

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