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What would it be like if Dating was this Easy?

Try to imagine this scenario: You found someone online that peaks your interest and you have been emailing each other back and forth for a couple of days. Both of you seem to be in the same stage in life,

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What are the dating rules now? Who pays on a date?

As a dating and relationship coach, the question about who pays on a date usually comes up often- especially with two professionals who are both earning a decent salary or income. The rule is the person who asks is the

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Dating with Pets in the Picture!

I love cats and have had cats for most of my life. One in particular, Tabitha, an orange tabby, helped me when I was dating. This cat and I were very tight! She got me through my divorce and was

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5 Tips for How to Flirt with Low Risk

My friend and colleague, Liz Leia, wrote this blog post about how to flirt in a fun way with low stress. Enjoy! Have you heard that you need to “meet a lot of people” to find the right one? Well,

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First Date Tips: Are Your Initial Connections Superficial or Deep?

Does this happen to you? You are at a party, or a single’s event, and you meet someone where you are attracted physically to them. You talk about fifteen minutes on very superficial subjects such as the latest new restaurant or the upset of the local football team.

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