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How can a dating coach help you?

In a recent conversation with a divorce lawyer who was hosting me for her local Montgomery County cable show, she asked me some very good questions. She asked me, “What are some of the common issues people would call on a dating coach for help?”

There are several reoccurring themes that do come up with my coaching clients…

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Is Your Dating Coach Truly Qualified to Give You Dating Advice?

Who is offering their dating advice to you — a 23 year old staff writer at a newspaper? Or how about a twenty –something guy who can successfully pick up women? How about a 30 year old woman who thinks

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Dating Coach Amy gets Rave Reviews for “5 Critical Secrets for Getting Love Right in the New Year!”

Last Monday I gave my teleclass to a very active and interactive group of singles – it was the Brianiac Meetup group in the New York area.  The organizer, Lawrence Chernin, is very open minded and desires his community to

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Must Have Dating Tips: Have an Accountability Partner

Most people, when trying to achieve a goal such as losing weight or finding a new job, find that they are more successful when they have the support of someone they trust: a friend or a family (or a coach

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Are You too Busy for a Relationship? Part II

In my last blog post I discussed on reason that someone may not be making time for a relationship-that they are activity driven and plan too many events and activities that don’t put themselves in the right place to meet

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