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Where on your to do list is finding a serious romantic relationship?

Life is busy and hectic.  You have your spend a big chunk of your time at work, make time for your family and friends, work out to stay fit, and shop for food, clothing and incidentals.   Also, don’t forget time

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Do you find that at singles events you only meet other women?

My best friend who lives in Southern Florida is in her early 50’s and is ready to start dating again after losing a partner to a brain tumor.   She mentioned to me that she is frustrated with the singles scene

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Key Dating Tips for Singles: Open up your mind to whom you would date

In a coaching session with one of my male 40 something clients, who is motivated to marry and wants a family, made a comment that he prefers not to date women with children already from either divorce or losing a

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Coach Amy’s Advice for Dating: How to Make the Most of 2011

The Holidays are upon us, which means that the New Year is just around the corner. Preparing for a new year can be an exciting time for us all as we plan on a new and better self. My advice for dating in 2011 is to go about dating with an open-minded perspective.

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Spending the Holidays with Your Family as a Single Person

For many the Holiday Season means more time spent with our families.  This can be especially hard for singles – especially those who are recently divorced or separated, who have younger siblings who are married with children or who have

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