Can you find a serious love relationship on Facebook?

The past two weeks I have been steeped in learning about social networking.  I am curious about if couples who have met on Facebook.  This is the most obvious site for this kind of activity.  Will online internet dating sites become pase?   

Facebook has been described as a big cocktail party.  You meet someone through others.  So social networking is just an extension of your circle of friends and colleagues.  So this is my relationship questions: how can you take advantage of Facebook for when looking for a serious relationship? 

I met a woman who met her husband on Facebook.  This was the first time I heard about it.  She said that they were both graduate students at George Washington University.  He searched around her circle of friends and this woman, Jane, caught his eye.  Remember, that Facebook has lots of information about you.  It even has your love relationship status if someone cares to divulge.  

Her now husband used the common bond of the same school to start the conversation with Jane.  It’s like coming up to someone at a house party! They clicked and the rest is history! 

You see it’s possible to get a real sense of a person by their profile and how they interact with others on the site.  

Do you know a couple who has met on Facebook?  Can you see using a social networking vehicle for meeting people to date for a serious relationship?  How would you feel if someone was pursuing you from your Facebook connections? 

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know your answers to these relationship questions and any comments you may have on this subject.

Your relationship coach,


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2 comments on “Can you find a serious love relationship on Facebook?
  1. Kim says:

    I met my partner, off Facebook. It’s a weird story. We met via a group about “Looking at your ex and thinking WTF was wrong with me.”

    He lives in North Dakota, USA. I live in Brisbane, Australia. We’ve been together for 13 months now; and I guess these things work out… If you really want them too. I guess, online networks, gives you more opportunities of meeting your soul mate.

    I never expected it too happen, but I guess anything can happen, with social networks now! And I wouldn’t change it one bit

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    • admin says:

      It sounds like you have a sense of adventure and was willing to try and see where this online stuff would take you! Also, you are willing to travel for love! I think it’s a great story- keep us updated on your progress!

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