Are You too Busy for a Relationship? Part II

In my last blog post I discussed on reason that someone may not be making time for a relationship-that they are activity driven and plan too many events and activities that don’t put themselves in the right place to meet the opposite sex.   What is another reason people are too busy to date?

Another major reason that people are too busy to put time and attention into finding a relationship and cultivating it is that work takes up too much of their life.  This can be true if you work for a company and especially if you are self-employed or have your own business.  Entrepreneurs are guilty of working around the clock (Me included- ask my husband)!  

I joke that I help entrepreneurs “get a life”!   However, I have worked with many single professionals who jobs require that they travel and demand long hours, as well.   This makes finding the time to have that first date and the subsequent dates very difficult. I had one late 30’s female client who traveled so much that what came up in the coaching was if she would consider changing companies or even careers to support her overall life goals of having a family.  

In my book, “Get It Right This Time- How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship” ( I have a chapter on “How to Date Like an Entrepreneur”.  The tips for dating in this chapter can work for professionals who work for companies or non-profits, (and the government- as I live in the DC area) as well as those who are self employed.  

My advice for dating is when you are taking a vacation, to consider traveling with singles or where there are singles instead of traveling with your Aunt Jane!   Others tips for dating are about time management and making the most of every opportunity (networking events and conferences are great places to meet a life partner!).  

Take a look at your life priorities.  If finding a mate rates in your top three goals this year, then are you making the time to support this goal?  What kind of rebalancing of your life may need to take place?   If you need some assistance, as a life relationship coach I am here to help facilitate any change that would support your life goals!   (You can read my client testimonials that have successfully attained their life goals at:

This inquiring relationship coach wants to know your answers to these questions and any comments you may have on this subject. (Click comment link at the end of this blog post)

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