7 Critical Steps to Get Love Right – Be Careful Who You Date

01 October 2008

The title should probably read- “Choose Wisely Those You Get into a Relationship With!” There is nothing wrong with dating. The whole purpose of dating is to evaluate someone to see if they are a good match for you. As the saying goes- “You have to date a lot of frogs before you find your prince”! (Kissing may or may not happen!) 

What if you could save yourself some time and agony and a lot of relationship issues by eliminating quickly who would not be a good match? Of course there are those who dismiss a potential partner too soon and never seem to find anyone suitable to date. It’s a balancing act here.

In today’s dating advice for women and men, I recommend using your values, your non-negotiables (must haves) and life goals to discern if someone would be a good person to date with a potential for a relationship. If you want to have children, then you need to find out if your candidate wants to have children as well. (Or more children if he is already a father). Does the person want the same end result from dating? Does your candidate want to find a marriage partner or are they happy just to date with no real direction to the relationship? Does this match up with your desires?

If you desire to live in the country, then it’s no good for you to date a city dweller. And what about chemistry?  Granted, it has got to be there- so that is a prerequisite if you met someone face-to-face. However, if you are meeting people through online dating, it’s important to screen your potential date first based upon your values, non-negotiables and life goals. Then, chemistry becomes the only wild card after the weeding out process, thereby decreasing your chances for having major relationship issues and increasing your opportunity for a successful match up.

By following this dating process, you will be closer to getting love right this time! In my next article I will discuss another critical step — how expressing your expectations can help you get love right.