5 Ways to Get Love Right in 2011!

The clock struck midnight on New Years Eve and you were with your friends or alone with no one to kiss.  You vowed to yourself to have a significant relationship by the summer.  How do you plan on making that happen?

Here are my top dating tips and strategies to get love right in this New Year:

  1. Carve out time for dating and relationships: Like many professionals out there, you are stretched by you’re the demands of your work, family, friends and other commitments.  However, you need to make time for looking to meet someone and then for the relationship, once you’ve met the person in order to succeed at love.
  2. Be Proactive!  There are so many ways to get out and meet people from internet dating to Meetups to joining a singles group at a church or synagogue.  I recommend trying something new.  Push yourself outside your comfort zone and you will meet people.
  3. Be open to learning how to best be in a relationship.  Take a class, read a book, or work with a relationship coach.  Give yourself the best chance of making the relationship move forward by learning new skills.
  4. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people that encourage you to stick to your dating plan, especially when it gets rough.  You may consider to join a support group or work with a counselor or coach.
  5. Stay positive about yourself and dating.  Focus on what you have to offer to a relationship instead of what you are not.  Everyone has some positive attributes that someone will find attractive.

Another dating tip (bonus number 6!) is to visualize yourself in a successful, happy relationship- to see that it is possible for you to have the loving relationship that you deserve.

There you have it!  My top dating tips for finding true love in the New Year.  Of course, I wrote a whole book on the subject.  To get more of my practical dating advice visit my website to purchase, “Get It Right This Time- How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship”.  A new year brings new possibilities.  What first step are you going to take?

Intentionally Yours,

Coach Amy

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