033 How To Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin to Attract your Motivated to Marry Mate

In this episode we will be exploring what it mean to be “comfortable in your skin” and how this impacts your dating for a committed life partner.  How does the trial and error, as well as, taking risks fit into creating a Motivated to Marry dating plan?  And what do you do when you are stuck in the fear of moving forward with your love life? Come learn how to make this important shift that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex!

During our 30 min interview we cover these questions and more: 

♥ What does it mean to be the CEO and enTREPreneur of your love life?
♥ What does Neely suggest to learn to feel comfortable in your own skin?
♥ What are 3 pitfalls women make with men?
♥ Why does she suggest that being vulnerable is critical for deepening your connection with a man?
♥ What is the best way to get a man to open up and be vulnerable with you?
♥ Why is this so important to be comfortable in your own skin when you are dating for marriage?

Free Gift –
Neely has created a three-part video series discussing two common dating and relationship dilemmas: Why You Keep Attracting the Wrong Men and How to End the Cycle of Dead-end Dating. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long and full of advice you can start using immediately!

Neely Steinberg is a dating coach and an image consultant. She created her multi-service dating coaching company, The Love TREP, to teach and coach smart, savvy women on how to be the CEO and enTREPreneur of their love lives. She has coached hundreds of women on how to create, shape, and build their love startups. Neely has been featured in many top media outlets, has given seminars for Match, and has hosted fashion shows for Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. She lives in Boston with her husband and two daughters.


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