031 The Importance of Transparency when you’re Motivated to Marry Dr Heike and Jonathan

Have you been feeling like you need to hold back and not fully reveal who you are? When dating to marry would you like to be able to express yourself authentically without the fear of being judged or rejected? Have you been afraid to put your real self out there?  If so, come listen to this interview with Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson to learn how to be authentic and transparent in relationships that lead to the closeness and intimacy you desire.

During our 30 min interview we cover these questions and more: 

♥   Dr. Heike and Jonathan explain their journey to help people with their dating and relationship efforts
♥  They define what Transparency means for dating and relationships
♥  They explain why they believe many people are not transparent; what is holding people back?
♥   Why do some people lose themselves in relationships just to keep the peace?
♥   How do past relationships hurts and pains tend to create the same patterns in relationship over and over? Learn what they suggest to help people move past this and be open to a new, healthier relationship?
♥  Learn what somatic and sexual healing is and how it can help get rid of the blocks keeping you from the love of your life.

Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson have committed their lives to creating a new paradigm of relationships and sexuality. This couple is passionate about throwing outdated concepts overboard and create new working systems. They are striving to be a living example of what a deep loving and conscious relationship can look like. Heike and Jonathan’s passion is to guide and educate men and women in releasing anything that is in the way of experiencing the closeness and depth we all desire in relationships. What they have named, “Sextraordinary Living”, is the modern and healthy blueprint to live a truly turned on life, in and outside the bedroom, without the past experience of pain or drama.

As San Diego’s preeminent sex educators and somatic sexual healers, Dr. Heike and Jonathon are the creators of Sex and Love Unplugged Meetup, and The Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System used in their signature programs for men and women.

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  1. Jonathan Hudson says:

    Thank you for listening to our interview. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and we will answer here! – Jonathan and Heike

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