030 What’s Holding you Back from being Motivated to Marry? Bex Burton

Do you want to attract Big Love yet find yourself believing you really don’t deserve it? Do you have trouble trusting that you will find the love you want? What popular myths are you believing and telling yourself that may be what is holding you back? Come listen to this interview with Bex Burton to learn what is holding you back and how to move forward into finding the Big Love you deserve.

♥  What does Bex believe is the number 1 necessary ingredient in attracting Big Love?
♥  What does Bex tell women who have difficulty believing they deserve Big Love?
♥  What are the biggest blocks she sees that prevent women from attracting lasting love?
♥  How does she suggest women begin to breakthrough their blocks to lasting love?
♥  What’s her favorite strategy to get out of the “I’ve tried everything rut”?
♥  How does Bex suggest women keep their heart centered on Big Love, even in times of heartache?

Bex Burton, Certified DreamBuilder and Love Coach, helps you design and manifest a life and LOVE that you truly adore. Since a young age, Bex has manifested dream upon dream in her own life, including a marketing career in Broadway theatrics, a movement and wellness company in NYC, a thriving love coaching practice, and most impressively, her own true love story that she wrote and brought to life through hula hoop performance art.

Bex inspires audiences around the world through live and online workshops, performances, events, and transformational in-depth coaching programs, designed to ignite the fire within you so that you may achieve new heights of love, success, purpose, and spiritual aliveness.

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