027 How to Clean Out Your Love Junk so you can be open to meeting Your Spouse – Sarika Jain

Sarika Jain is a Love & Relationship Coach for smart, successful women who want it all: career, family and personal fulfillment.  She uses a highly personalized, holistic approach, and partners with women to break through their painful relationship patterns and learn cutting-edge relationship skills to become magnetic to healthy, joyful love.

Sarika is passionate about the role of self-love, healing and reconnecting with our feminine selves, in order to create intimate, lasting relationships. One of her strengths is to help women heal their hearts and close their ‘Ex Files’, so they can truly be ready for ‘the one’.

A ‘go-getter’ woman herself, Sarika left the corporate world to use her business strategy skills to support women where it matters most – in one’s love life. She leverages her personal experience, in which she experienced a devastating heartbreak, after which she went through disillusionment and heartache. This led to a spiritual awakening through a deep healing process. Three months after her breakup – she met her future husband – through doing this work and synchronicity!

Sarika got married in December 2015 and lives in New York City.  Together they leads a playful, passionate life.


  1. What does Sarika consider Love Junk? How do you become more aware of what your Love Junk is?
  2. What kind of patterns and blind spots does Sarika observe with her clients?
  3. What kind of release process does she recommend to be able to attract the right man?
  4. What are Sarika’s tips to become attractive and magnetic to men?
  5. How do you identify your Goddess Archtype and how do each of them relate to your love life?

Goddess Archetype & Love Magnet Quiz

The quiz will take only a few minutes of your time, and you’ll receive a 20+ page report where you will gain lasting insights into your signature attraction style.

You’ll find out:

  • What patterns and blind spots you need to release to attract the RIGHT relationship
  • How attractive and magnetic you appear to men
  • What your Goddess Archetype is and what that means for your love life

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